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 As one of the Founding Members of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors and Mother of the CBD Movement, I founded CBD Consultants of Las Vegas, International (CCLV)

with a vision to enlighten and share 

scientific and medical cannabis facts with all people, worldwide!

CCLV represents experience, upscale quality, and common sense in this $200+ billion WORLDWIDE cannabis space, including potential connections for scores of lucrative new jobs around the globe. With high-heels and boots on the ground in this "unconventional", street-style, previously illegal drugs arena that we understand, we know what we're dealing with and we are serious about it.

CBD R&D is compiling a "CBD2020" Hemp Global Registry, to include every aspect of the Cannabis industry. If you are interested in personal, pampered luxury or perhaps casual networking at a "CBD: The Unpot Party of Vegas" event, kindly view our Services for a glimpse at our desirable yet "unconventional" Divisions within The Organization.  

Personally, I have searched for "opioid-free" pain relief for over 20 years. I survived three cervical spine surgeries and infections, misdiagnoses, months of in-hospital rehab, chronic neck pain, depression,  inept doctors-with-attitudes, alcoholism, anxiety, and PTSD after suffering life-altering, third-degree burns! For about a year and out of gut-wrenching desperation and pain, I used myself as a "CBD guinea pig."  

At 65, I'm living proof that cannabidiol heightened my physiology by connecting with multitudes of human endocannabinoid receptors.

 CBD does far more than halt pain! 

CBD is the catalyst for homeostasis and optimal health.

I feel exceptionally grateful to be here and honored to share 

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday, January 15.  

My hometown is longitude/latitude 33.895847, -118.220070.   



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UNDER-PRIVILEGED people around the world.

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