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Consultants of Las Vegas, International

Las Vegas, Nevada 


Wellness Universe, "World-Changer"

Founding Member, 

National Institute for

 Cannabis Investors 

Mother of the CBD Movement

“All labor that uplifts Humanity has dignity and importance and should be 

undertaken with 

painstaking excellence.”

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


"Why CBD  Is  Vital  For

Human  Physiology"

The endocannabinoid system is a network of cells throughout our body that have receptors for cannabidiol aka CBD.

CBD has been known to provide tremendous healing and relief, right through your own natural endocannabinoid system that brings "homeostasis" both to your central nervous system and  immune system. 

Our Consultants will continue to unravel and expose any misconceptions about the

"re-discovery" of cannabidiol enhancing our endocannabinoid physiology by 

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam 

from the 

Hebrew University in Israel.  

CBD is an indispensable catalyst for optimal health!

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During these times of negativity, 

This Organization will represent and exude all things "healthy and positive." 


Luke 6:31


"SAILORS, with their 

built-in sense of order, 

service and discipline,

should really be 

running the world." 

- Nicholas Monsarrat


How May We Serve You?

After 45+ years of the 

9 to 5 admin routine, 

my Sistahs and I 

adjusted our compasses & 

set sail toward  

creative maladjustment and 

futuristic thinking.

CBD Consultants of Las Vegas, International (CCLV) represents experience, upscale quality, and common sense in the 

 expanding $250+ billion

WORLDWIDE Cannabis Space.


And, from the data being cataloged through professional global connections by 

Cannabis companies,

CCLV is a primary contact point

of information for 

untold scores of new and lucrative

Cannabis-related jobs 

around the world!

With high-heels and boots 

all over the ground 

in this "unconventional", 

street-style, previously illegal drugs network that we understand, we know what we're dealing with and we are serious and careful about it.

CBD Consultants will continue to remain compassionate, patient and flexible during this totally unconventional worldwide fiasco during the infancy stage of  

CBD  Awareness and

 Preparedness (CAP)

 against illness


chronic pain

 and 21st-century 

environmental toxins.

To include every aspect 

of the legitimate 

Worldwide Cannabis Industry,

R&D is compiling a "CBD2020" Hemp Global Registry.  

The information you generously provide about your Cannabis interests and businesses 

in your part of the world, 

no matter how small,

is important and useful.

CBD Consultants will continue to cautiously share by stating our opinions, suggesting products to buy or bypass and, continuing to urge our Clients to make wiser investment and/or purchasing decisions.


"The best way to  

predict the future

is to create it."

-  Abraham Lincoln

Let Me Blow Ya Mind

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Why do I need a 

CBD Consultant?

Not all CBD is created equal!

 With all the outrageous hoopla going on, it's like the ole wild wild west out here, -- no rules, no regulation, no nothing -- really everywhere, GLOBALLY.

Among a boatload of 

common sense reasoning, 

our street-smart Consultants 

are are here to listen and help our Clients with CBD products and/or services to buy or bypass.  


Can you honestly say you know enough about CBD to make a reasonably intelligent investment or pricey purchase?


Are you positive you bought premium CBD products for what you paid?  


 Do you know exactly where to find the "World's Best CBD" products?